About Kur02 & VMH8 UHF CB Repeaters

Kur02 is the call-sign for channel 02 UHF CB repeater station, located at Kurrajong Heights in New South Wales (NSW).

VMH8 is the call-sign for the soon to be commissioned sister repeater channel 48 located at Maroota in New South Wales (NSW).

Both Repeater sites are Narrow Band with Kur02 using a wide band compensator and both have Active Repeater Indicator (ARI). An overview of equipment used is below.

The Receiver (Ch32) & (Ch78)

GME tx3500New GME Tx3500 80 channel narrow band radio with Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Advanced Signal Management (ASM) and DVC wide band compensator.



The ARI (Ch32) & (Ch 78) morse ID & message unit

Uses a programmable timer module and a PA voice over module with digital recorded message plus a control module.

The timer module is controlled by the interface module. Whenever the receiver is activated, an adjustable count down timer is started. This, when finished, activates the voice over module which in turn keys up the control module and the Tx3500, transmitting the recorded 14 second Morse ID and message on channels 32 & 78. This whole process is locked out and will not start while there is activity on the receiver.

When the message is being transmitted you are locked out of the receiver for 14 seconds. The timer starts and restarts at the end of each receiver activation. Only when the timer has elapsed with no activity will the message be transmitted.

The Interface Module

Links the receiver to the transmitter radio plus a trigger line for the ARI unit. Specifically designed and made in Australia for this style of repeater.

The Transmitter (Ch02) & (Ch48)

TX3800New GME Tx3800N UHF narrow band commercial radio in repeater mode with Morse ID and 120 seconds Time Out Timer (TOT).




Kur02 & VMH8 repeaters are provided & maintained by Shaydz Concert Productions P/L & Duoro Services.