Accessing UHF CB Repeaters

To access repeaters your radio must be in DUPLEX mode - Displaying DUP, RPT or the repeater icon on the radios screen for channels 1 to 8 & 41 to 48.

A list of UHF CB repeaters & there locations can be found through the LINKS page of this site.

Repeaters need to be able to hear you, before they can rebroadcast you. Try keying it up first. Press in your microphones PTT (push to talk) switch for about 3 seconds & release, listening for repeater tail (eg. signal, carrier or hash noise & maybe a beep). If nothing heard go to another repeater/channel & repeat above process, when tail/beep is heard you can use this repeater/channel to contact other users in the coverage area of that repeater.

NOTE:- When using repeaters you must let the repeater reset after each over (eg. end of tail), if you don't do this the repeaters transmit Time Out Timer (TOT) will elapse & the repeater will shut down for its set time. All repeaters have different TOT & reset time. Repeater KUR02's  TOT is 120 seconds. If you don't hear the tail/beep at the end of your over you have dropped out (lost access) of the repeater.

NOTE:- Just because you can hear a repeater does not mean you can key it up (access it).

NOTE:- Don't Use Repeater Inputs For Simplex Operation (channels 31 to 38 & 71 to 78). You will be Rebroadcast all over the coverage area of that repeater. Plus you are interfering with normal operation of the repeater.

This infomation is provided by Shaydz Concert Productions P/L & Duoro Services.

Kur02 updated 16/01/2019/