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RC5 Series & RC10s Rotators

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The Rotators:- The RC5 was designed for medium size antennas whilst the RC5A will handle large antennas & arrays. The RC5B is for extra large antenna systems & all are designed to be mounted with-in a tower or side mounting or track system with a mast bearing or two above them & also can be mounted to a pipe mast with the MC-2 lower mast clamp/flange adaptor.

All these rotators employ 60:1 worm gear drive (except RC5-1DCRC5B-4/P they have 77:1 worm ratio) into 2 stage reduction gearing, giving a total of 1,800 : 1 gear ratio (RC5-1DCRC5B-4/P have  a ratio of 2,309 : 1), all driven by a high torque 28v AC motor (except RC5-1DC it uses a 12v DC motor), all able to rotate a full 380 degrees.  They have low backlash with high rotation torque powerful braking without relying on any auxiliary brake mechanism.  Gears are made of high tensile steel except the RC5-1, -3 & DC which uses some zinc alloy gears.

The Controllers:- The (-1,-2 & DC) are economy versions which comes standard with Dial Variable Speed control & momentary (hold on) direction switch..

Whist (-3 & -4) has Dial Pre-Set function & Dial Variable Speed control plus momentary (hold on) direction switch.

And finally (-3P & -4P) have Dial Pre-Set function, Dial Variable Speed control & Remote Computer Control .

All models have a full circle display & employ a single on-off-on manual paddle direction switch.

Now Available with a New Option:- 250mm flying control cable lead, to make fitting within towers easier, POA 


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Model / Description RC5-1DC ..RC5-1..












Antenna Wind Area (m Sq) 1.2 2.5 3.0  
Rotation Torque (Kg/m) 5 6 16 22 25 30
Brake Torque (Kg/m) 90 80 90 200 250 400
Worm Gear Ratio 77:1 60:1 77:1 60:1
Total Gear Ratio 2,309:1 1,800:1 2,309:1 1,800:1 
Rotation Angle (degrees) 380
Mast Size (mm) 48 ~ 63 60~77
Mast Clamp Part Number MC601 MC621 MC641
Mast Clamp Material Composite hi strength Alloy Composite hi strength Alloy Steel GAL
Mast Clamping Bolts 4 6
Vertical Load (Kg) 400 700 1,000
Horizontal Load (Kg) 800 1,000 1,500
Dial Variable Speed Control Provided on all models
Speed Seconds 50Hz/360 deg. N/A 75 ~ 110 95 ~ 150 75 ~ 110
Speed Seconds 60Hz/360 deg. N/A 60 ~ 95 80 ~ 125 60 ~ 95
Speed Speeds DC / 360 deg. 60 ~ 160 N/A
Reverse Delay Time (seconds) 0 1 3
Dial Pre-Set Function N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes
Pre-Set Accuracy N/A N/A + - 8 deg N/A + - 8 degrees
Remote Computer Connection N/A N/A P model N/A P model
Power Requirements AC N/A 90VA 150VA 200VA 170VA
Controller Input voltage 12 ~ 15v DC Export model 115v & 230v AC 100v AC
Power Requirement @ 13DC 4.0 Amps N/A
Indicator Accuracy + - 3 deg Less than + - 4 degrees + - 3 deg
Controller weight (kg) 2.0 3.6 2.0
Rotator Weight (Kg) 5.0 7.0 8.5 29.5
Control Cable Requirements 5 core 7 core
Optional Accessories MC-2 Lower Mast Clamp Assembly N/A
Now available with NEW Option a 250mm flying control cable lead for easier fitting within towers, POA.   



Below is a couple of pics of a display cut away version & 3 pics with the top housings & output flanges removed of a RC5 & RC5A + a pic of all parts inventory of a RC5A, Plus a YouTube video of the display cut-away rotator.


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CREATE (Creative Design) Display Cut-Away Rotator Video

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