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I Have Lots Of Spare Parts Available Not All Are Listed Below, Please Contact Me, I May Have What You Need In Stock Or Within A Rotator Or Controller For Spare Parts.









..Part.No.. ...Image.......... ...Description.................................................. ...each
To Be Made    


Item No 45

RING GEAR 7501-005 for KR-400/600 Rotators.

Expressions of interest.

I'am look at getting the 7501-005 Ring Gear manufactured in high tensile steel, this will have to be done in a two part process, NCN Machining & Gear Cutting.

Both processes are not cheap, how ever I'am hoping to do a small run of 10 or 20 at first, unless there is more interest.

The sell price should be under $275.00AUD each.

Please contact me if interested.

sold     7501-075 New Old Stock KR-400/600 Mast Clamp Set in original Japanese packaging $ SOLD



NEW KENPRO - YAESU Mast Clamp Set. Replacement mast clamps for KR-400, KR-600, KR-800 & KR-1000 & also current Yaesu rotators $  89.00
3     GC-048-6 NEW KENPRO - YAESU 6 bolt clamping mast clamp for large Kenpro rotators (KR-2000 & KR-2700 etc) & Yaesu rotators (G-2800) will fit other models. $ 129.00
    sold 7501-003 Refurbished v1 mast clamp set including H/W. The Clamps were Strip Cleaned then Glass Bead Blasted & then Powder Coated silver ripple $ SOLD
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $ AUD
1     BDS-35A-24v

Assembled Brake Delay PCB for KR-2000 rotators, includes selectable 3 or 5 second delay, 16 Amp DPDT relay, 7 way 16 Amp terminal block for all wiring termination including LED brake action output. By re-wiring the brake switch it can be configured into being a manual override/full auto brake switch (no more forgetting to turn the brake back on). L 72mm x W 49mm x H 27mm. Mounts on top of the transformer. View the YouTube video of the KR-2000AB in action on the rotator sales page video section.

I can do this upgrade for you, please contact me for a price.

$  69.00
24     DDG-14RC


NEW Display Drive Gear 14 tooth for KR-400RC + KR-600RC + KR-2000RC (Round Controllers)

Also Yaesu G-400RC + G-600RC (round Controllers.

Do you have a Kenpro (or Yaesu) Round Controller (RC) with a cracked & slipping Display Drive Gear. I have found a supplier which has a replacement. This NEW gear is 7mm long including the gear edge of 3mm & is the same pitch as the original. DDG-14RC replacement gear is made from Acetal, a much better plastic than the original. The hole size is a better fit than the original, which had a hole size of about 2.7mm & was forced onto the 3mm drive shaft, hence why they crack.

$    3.ea
1     KR2000-19 NEW. Replacement upgraded POT Pinion for KR-2000 rotators. This gear has been cut down to leave a thick wide flange on the base to stop it from cracking, also this gear is made for a much better plastic than the original version. $  19.ea
Sold Out    




NEW PRODUCT For KR-400/600 & Daiwa DR-7500/7600 rotators.

KD-38T replacement single piece final drive gear (Item 18).

Specs.:- 8mm thick steel, 38 teeth & 6.8mm shaft hole, 106 grams in weight & 117 grams with new spacer.

KD-38T replaces the 3 or 4 stack of gears, which move , separate, track groves in ring gear & no 19 gear etc & has less contact area onto the ring gear.

KD-38T is made in Australia for me by SWB Plus  Engineering.

KD-38T gear will not track groves in ring gear & has more surface contact area with the ring gear. Which means less damage / breakages to the (rare) ring gear.

KD-38T is a direct replacement for the final drive gear in Kenpro KR-600 & Daiwa DR-7600 + late model KR-400's with 4 stack gears.

KD-38Ts will be supplied with a new (Item 15) thinner & wider spacer for early version Kenpro KR-400 & all Daiwa DR-7500. Because KD-38T is thicker than the original three stack gear the original spacer has to be replaced. The replacement spacer sets the spacing of the gear to the same as KR-600's & DR-7600's.

NOTE :- All Kenpro KR-600 & Daiwa DR-7600 rotators rebuilt by me will have the KD-38T installed into them.

$  79.ea
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $ AUD
  6   18-3 2nd hand in good condition. Final drive gear  (18) 3 stack for KR-400 & Daiwa DR-7500. Sold as a set of three (3). $  30.00

sold out

  18-4 2nd hand in good condition. Final drive gear (18) 4 stack & bush for KR-600 & Daiwa DR-7600. Sold as a set of 4 inc bush. $  60.00




NEW. 500 Ohm Potentiometer for Kenpro Daiwa & Yaesu rotators & full circle controllers. These new POT's have limit end stops in them, so make sure you align them properly. $  50.ea
    sold out



Refurbished 500 Ohm Potentiometer for Kenpro, Daiwa & Yeasu rotators & full circle controllers

$  39.00
1     PDG-13p NEW. POT Drive Gear (no.13) plastic for Kenpro KR-400, KR-500, KR-600 & also Daiwa DR-7500, DR-7600 & Yaesu G-400, G-500, G-600 ROTATORS $  14.ea



33 & 34

  NEW 8.0mm Steel Ball Bearing x 40, enough to rebuild or refurbish your KR-500 Elevation Rotator $    8.00




item 44

NEW. 9.52mm (3/8") Steel Ball bearings x 100, enough to rebuild or refurbish your KR-400 or KR-600 Rotator $  30.00


KR2000 item 35

NEW. 11.0mm Steel Ball bearings x 100, enough to rebuild & refurbish your KR-2000 Rotator $  35.00
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part N0. Image Description $   AUD



NEW. Lower Housing Genuine KR-400, KR-600 & Daiwa DR-7500, DR-7600 Rotators $  129.00


Item No 41


REFURBISHED Lower Housing. For KR-400, KR-600 & DAIWA DR-7500 & DR-7600 Rotators.

Has been cleaned up, Glass Bead Blasted & Etched Primed (ready for painting). The bearing tracks are in good condition, as with the rest of the housing.

$  80.00
  2   40 & 41 Original KR-2000 ROTATOR 8 pin chassis socket & rubber washer. some in very good condition, some have paint etc on them & some the chrome has flaked off , some have chrome plated pins & some have gold plated pins. $  19.00



Motor Start Capacitor 65uF 60volt (25 x 51mm) used, tested (KR/G-250 ROTATORS etc) $     5 ea
  sold out  



Motor start capacitor 100uF 60volt (26 x 62mm ) used, tested inc. mounting clamp. For KR400/500/600 ROTATORS.

$   15 ea





Motor start capacitor 100uF  50volts (35 x 60mm) used & tested includes mounting clamp. For KR400/500/600 ROTATORS. $   10 ea
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $ AUD



Motor Start Capacitor 100uF 110volts (28 x 61mm) used, tested inc mounting clamp, For KR400/500/600 ROTATORS $   12 ea



Motor Start Capacitor 130uF 110volts (29 x 71mm) (KR-2000 ROTATOR) used & tested inc. mounting clamp used, tested $   15 ea
  5   Lamp-H Original meter illumination 28v lamp & holder $     2 ea
  5   SC-Meter Original Direction Panel meter for standard controller. KR-400, KR-500, KR-600, KR-2000 etc $  19.00
  4 sets   L.BKT-SC Original top 'L' BRACKETS for Standard Controller with panel meter KR400, 500, 600 & 2000. These brackets go between front & back panel at the top includes screws. Sold as a set of 2 $   2 set
  5   DL.BKT-RC   Original top double 'L" BRACKETS for RC (Round Controllers) KR400RC, KR600RC & KR2000RC. These bracket go between the front & back panels, includes screws. $   3 set
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $   AUD
    5 SW-PWR Refurb. Original Red power switch for the standard controller (DPST) $  20ea
    2 SW-PWR-B Refurb. Original black power switch for standard controllers (DPST) $  17 ea
  3   SW-PWR-RC Original Power switch for RC (round controllers) SPST & DPDT $  10 ea
    1 SW-DPDT Refurb. Original Right (CW) rotation switch (DPDT) late series KR600 & RC controllers $  20 ea
    1 SW-DPST Refurb. Original left (CCW) rotation switch (DPST) late series KR600 & RC controllers $  18 ea
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $ AUD
    1 SW-R Refurb. Original right (CW) rotation switch, (SPDT) late series $  18 ea
    1 SW-L Refurb. Original Left (CCW) rotation switch (SPST) late series $  15 ea
    1 SW-SPDT Refurb. Original Right (CW) rotation switch (SPDT) $  18 ea
    sold SW-SPST Refurb. Original Right or Left (CW/CCW) rotation switch (SPST) from early series. Uses lock gizmo below, to only let one switch to be used at a time $  15 ea
  6   SW-Lock Right or Left only Gizmo Only lets one direction switch to be push early series $    1 ea
  assort   SW-Parts Spare parts for switches (power & direction) levers, bodies & contacts etc (early & late series) $  POA
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $   AUD
  sold out  


Item 54

Original terminal cover for KENPRO KR400, KR500, KR600, KR600X, KR5400A, KR5600A & YAESU G400, G500, G600, G5400B, G5600B ROTATORS (some with screws &/or gasket) in good condition, some may have small repaired cracks, some are painted. $    10 ea
  2   47 Black Original 8 screw terminal plate for rotator black in colour with 8 flat/philips screws or plain flat screw heads. $    5 ea
  8   47 Orange Original 8 screw terminal plate for controller orange in colour with 8 flat/philips or plain flat headed screws & some have mounting screws. $    3 ea
  6   C-Cover Original CLEAR Terminal cover for controller $    2 ea
  2   6p Term C 6 screw terminal plate controller (orange) $    1 ea
  2   6p Term R 6 screw terminal plate rotator (black) $    1 ea
NEW 2nd.H Refurb Part No. Image Description $   AUD





Original KR400-600-2000 PCB's for panel meter standard controllers. Some with full wiring + POT & terminal strip, some with out . Early & late series. Please ask for what I have in stock. $  49 ea


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